12 / 02 / 11
Reunited and it feels so…good? || Corsha

Sasha told Cole she would see him later before leaving the hotel and going to explore the city. They had spent the whole day there today, but she still hadn’t got to explore the main streets, which was what she wanted to do most. She was still thinking about Corey, and home. She did miss everyone, a lot. And she missed Corey and Noelle so much. But she didn’t know if going back would be any better. She had a feeling that it wouldn’t help her situation, probably just make it worse. At least when she was away from everyone and with just Cole, she felt like she had nothing to hide. But back home everyone thought of her to be someone who she really wasn’t. At home she felt like people were ashamed of her and her problems, and didn’t want to be associated with her whenever something bad happened. She just didn’t want to be a burden anymore. She looked around the crowded city and smiled, deciding to concentrate on where she was. New York City. Where dreams come true. She suddenly took a step back to get out of someone’s way, and bumped into someone. “Sorry,” she stuttered as she turned around to face the person and apologize.

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    Sasha giggled. “Sounds like me,” she smiled. “But, who wouldn’t want to grab this amazing hair?” she asked with a smirk.